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A Journey Amazing & Unique with DeepInSight

The purpose of our research & development is to explore the combination of deep ai learning and depth psychology to shed insight to the unconscious programming inside the psyche.

What We Do

We develop deep learning models in suitable cloud-based environments where the ai can learn and incorporate concepts of depth psychology. We believe awareness of these concepts are transformative insights that can shift intelligence to higher gear. If this hypothesis is correct, then deep training the ai to "learn" these concepts can also shift its intelligence relatively higher. Initially we aim to narrow our scope so that there can be measurable outcomes between the learned and unlearned model.

Amazon SageMaker

Quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models at any scale.

Google TensorFlow

Deploy ai solutions with less technology and process friction using best practices from Google.

Depth Psychology

Transformative insights that can shift intelligence to higher gear.

Cloud Computing

Cost savings, strategic edge, speed, reliability, and high availability.

AWS & Google Cloud Security

Detect, "listen", investigate, and help stop threats before they result in damages.

Creative Design

Harness the power of teamwork to discover uncharted possibilities.

DeepInsight Video Introduction

This Youtube video presents a general introduction about DeepInSight. The duration is two mintues.

The Seven Principles of Depth Pyschology

These principles are refined and written by Peter Michaelson. Developing deep learning models to explore and investigate them can be beneficial to performance in both human and ai. To various degree, we are all encumbered by these principles. Combining deep learning with these principles can provide valuable insight that benefits both individual and society. You can view the original blog by clicking here.